English Norman

Responding to both a narrow, wooded urban lot and to complex program requirements this residence presents pattered gabled facades to the street.

A front garden wall, concealing the garage, encloses the motor court. The plan is U-shaped to accommodate an existing mature tree and to make rooms with views to the terraced courtyard.

The owners came to our firm requesting a “new” English Norman house. We incorporated “old” English motifs such as slate roof, brick corbelling, parapet walls, dormered casement windows, limestone surrounds, brick patterning and an octagonal Tudor chimney. All work together on a narrow lot to portray an English manor house.

The program requirements included four bedrooms with three and a half baths, separate quarters apartment, an upstairs playroom. A central hallway downstairs acts as a spine connecting formal and informal areas. On the second floor the playroom serves as the circulation connection. The construction is brick veneer on a raised pier-beam that is wood floor joists on a concrete grade beam. The house is raised 30” above grade because of a flood-prone site. Covered terraces provide a screen from the west sun and give outside living areas.

The elongated plan and handsome brick and limestone details five this house a strong and refined elegance.